“A history of Vasconia” fourth season, in process.

It is a visual journey of investigation and discovery, which travels and recreates different settings and protagonists of great events of the past, from prehistory to the 20th century.

The series provides a critical and updated view of the history of the Basque people in the light of the most recent scientific research, openly and cordially addressing the debate on some of the most widespread clichés and common places, demystifying legends and clarifying many dark passages of our past.

In this new season we will sing with the Benedictine monks, we will search for the lost unity of Vasconia in the time of Sancho el Mayor; we will discover the evolution of the traditional Basque country houses; We will investigate the different private behaviors related to sex, its limitations and prohibitions, homosexuality, zoophilia …

We will explore two Basque types: the dantzari and the pelotari; we will enrich ourselves with the lords of iron and to complete the trip, we will travel with the Basques through the far west.