Juan Huarte, The Last Patron

Duration: 50 min.
Year: 2006 / Co-produced with Basque Television (ETB). With collaboration from Basque Government
Synopsis: If there is anyone in the Basque country who has dedicated his life to the support of artists, collecting and the use of fine arts for film making it is Juan Huarte. This documentary describes the person, Juan Huarte, and his influence on the development of leading Basque artists of the twentieth century. It analyzes the balancing act of interests between patron and artist, a relationship with one common goal: to produce works of art. For Juan Huarte patronage is in-depth support of the creator in question regardless of timelines, until the artist is able to offer his or her inner essence. Jorge Oteiza, Rafael Ruíz Balerdi, Pablo Palazuelo, Nestor Basterretxea, Luís de Pablo, Francisco Sáenz de Oiza, Eduardo Chillida, Agustín Ibarrola and Daniel Fullaondo are some of the artists who have shared many experiences with this patron.